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The Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic located in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado was established to provide men of every age with discreet access to a team of Colorado-licensed, experienced medical providers focused on men’s sexual health. Our team has over 50 years of experience helping men of every age reclaim the fun, excitement, and intimacy of sex through a unique program that focuses on the individual patient. We don’t work for the pharmaceutical companies; we work for patients who want results.

Interview with Colorado's Own

The Men’s Clinic Experience is specially designed for the vital, active man. Our staff maintains a comfortable, relaxing environment where patients can sit back, watch ESPN or the Golf Channel, and get the premier level of care for their sexual health so they can get back to business. We’re not here to talk about feelings; we’re here to use our experience to improve your sex life now. Get back in the game, call us or schedule an appointment today!

Have Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra let you down?

We have your solution! It’s well known in the medical community that mass-market drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra don’t work for as many as 70% of men. That’s not surprising to anyone in medicine with experience treating sexual health: a man’s sexual function is complex and engages many systems—including the brain, heart, hormones, and vascular and nervous systems. But unfortunately for most men, the standard treatment is a little blue pill that gets results as infrequently as a third of the time in some cases. That means disappointment for everyone involved.

Expect Results.

At The Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic, we treat you like the individual you are. Your private consultation with our Colorado-licensed, experienced medical providers focused on men’s sexual health will lead to a customized treatment that gets powerful results, period. We can even custom-blend your medication to meet demand: 30 minutes, 1 hour, even 2 hours—you decide what kind of experience you and your partner want and deserve. From custom-blended medication to insights and techniques from trained medical staff, the Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic has the answers you’re looking for.


It's not just sexual health, it's total health.

Our staff of esteemed, experienced Colorado-licensed medical providers’ approach your sexual health from a total health perspective. We understand that healthy sexual activity is just one part of the vital, active lifestyles our patients want to reclaim. From Low Testosterone treatments to safe, customized medications that won’t counteract other medications or treatments, we have the experience and professional knowledge to improve your life, today!Sexual issues can be symptoms of other, more serious conditions. Diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, prostate issues, stress, obesity, and a variety of other issues can lead to problems in bed. So-called herbal or home-grown solutions not only under-deliver when it’s time to perform; they can also lead to complications when other conditions are involved.

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